Crafted by Wayne manufactures fine quality handmade wood pens, (ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pens),pencils, letter openers, etc.
and some stained glass items. These handmade wood pens and other items are handcrafted from exotic wood from around the world,
acrylic acetate, celluloid, and polyester. We also make rosaries from several glass manufacturers.

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Handmade Wood Pens by Crafted by Wayne
Crafted by Wayne, LLC
Crafted by Wayne, LLC
Crafted by Wayne, LLC
Ball Point Pens
Pens here use Cross or Parker style refills. They include twist,
click, teachers / accountants, soft grip, purse, and pda stylus tech
Rollerball Pens
Fountain Pens
Pens in this section look similar to the rollerball pens except they
use the fountain pen nib and ink cartridge.
Exquisite Pens
Pens in this group include rollerball, fountain and ballpoint type.
They have high end plating such as titanium nitride, rhodium, and
black titanium. They also use rare, exotic or burl woods.
Pencils here include regular lead pencils, shop pencils and sketch
pencils. Lead sizes range from .5mm to 5.6mm. All are handmade
from rare woods, acrylic and celluloid.
Desktop Items
Items in this section include letter openers, paperweights,
magnifying glasses, paper clip holders, etc. This section also
includes pen & pencil sets in wood or leather boxes.
Items for the Ladies
A section for the ladies. It includes compact mirrors, pill boxes,
magnifier necklaces, bracelet assistants, and perfume sprayers.
They are done in exotic woods, acrylics and celluloid.
Sold Pieces
This section archives pieces that have been sold. You can use these
as guides for that particular item made just for you.

This section includes rosaries of different styles. They are full size,
single decade, hand or day rosaries, rear view mirror and rosary
bracelets. We also take orders for that special rosary you want.